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Why we choose Bristol?

Simply put, because we love it here.

Since Enchanted cinema started 5 years ago (that makes us feel old!), we have always had connections with Bristol. If that connection was through friends that lived here, employees that moved here or the occasional (that soon turned frequent) visits.

It's been a long time coming and we're very happy to be here!

The community aspect of Bristol has always attracted us. We have been lucky enough to be part of a growing community within Cambridge. It is filled with like-minded businesses, customers and employees who all support the local choice. We can't wait to get fully involved and start implementing what we have learnt through our time in Cambridge.

Keep an eye out for us in Bristol as in true EC fashion we will start helping out in our own magical way. Bristol has a charitable nature, a focus on all things local and is not afraid to speak its voice on social and environmental issues, and neither are we. This alongside many reasons mentioned below is why we have a lot of love for Bristol.

Media and film run deep within Bristol's core with giants such as Aardman proud to call Bristol their home. The city's cinema scene is a joy to behold with the yearly takeover for the Bristol Film Festival. Alongside this, Bristol has famous cinemas such as the Watershed and Everyman. It's fair to say Bristol has a love for film to match our own.

Alongside our mutual love for community, film and media, we also share a love for food. The Bristol food scene is incredible... Never have we seen so many food stalls, pop up restaurants, kitchen takeovers, food markets, shipping containers turned restaurants and who knows what else!

You have to see it for yourselves, its a sight to behold! We can't wait to start eating our way around the city and begin building relationships within the Bristol food scene and scouting some of the local talent for our cinema events.

We've gone this far and somehow are yet to mention music. Music runs through Bristol's veins. The quality and plethora of musicians is incredible, you only need to venture to some of the open mic nights to really see the amount of talent within the city (shout out to the Leftbank on a Thursday night!). We're looking forward to showcasing some of the local talent at our events.

Thank you Bristol and welcome to world of Enchanted Cinema.

Much love,

Team EC x

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