• Enchanted Cinema

What makes EC different?

We focus on creating magical experiences alongside the community.

Some of these big outdoor cinema companies tour around the UK hosting events in various city's. They put on large scale events with crowd pleasing films and are off to the next city before the weekend is over. They don't support local businesses, add to the local culture or use their platform to raise awareness on important issues.

We're not saying we wont be playing crowd pleasing films, as we definitely will... There great films! But, our point is that we are here to stay and we are here to help local businesses, charities, artists and local film makers.

We believe Bristol is the place for EC to raise awareness on issues that are important to us. We will be looking for local collaborations and sponsorship relating to these events, if this is something that interests you or your company. Currently, the event dates are not set in stone as we are trying to find the perfect venue (if you know of any please get in contact). However, we can give you some premise of what to expect, we believe the issues underlined beneath need more coverage within the media and will are going to be hosting cinema events around these in Bristol.

LGBTQ community

Women under representation in film

Single use plastic

Other environmental issues

Mental health awareness

We are looking forward to hosting these events and collaborating with the local community. For more information follow us on social media and we will keep you updated with our plan.

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